TheTutorPod experience - how we help you realize your dreams

Our online but interactive coaching, time-saving shortcuts, our faculty led by Dr AG are only some of the aspects which help you realize your dreams - to excel at entrance exams. You can experience this only at TutorPod.

Learn from anywhere

Get tutored by world class faculty

Learn with fun and healthy competition along with peers from across geographical locations

Avoid travel time and stress as you get to learn from college or home

Unlike learning from recorded videos, learn face-to-face from a real teacher

Time-saving shortcuts

Entrance exams are all about the race against time

Traditional problem solving techniques, which work well in the context of board exams, can sometimes be time consuming

This is where our shortcut techniques come in handy in entrance exams

Dr AG and team

First rank in SSLC Karnataka (1977)
99.03 percentile in GATE (1987)

Worked as Research scientist in NASA, USA
Selected as visiting research scientist at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

Published / presented articles inn international journals / conferences

Developed top notch pioneering shortcuts in PCMB to solve problems in seconds

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